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Monthly Archives: September 2023


Direct Nursing Care in Nursing Homes

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Many seniors will spend time in a nursing home at some point.  It may be a brief stay, while you recover from surgery, after which you go back home to continue aging in place.  Some people reside in nursing homes for years because their health needs require the care of multiple nurses.  The early… Read More »

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Voluntary Administration of Small Estates

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Probate is a hassle.  It is like filing your taxes, except that your stepchildren, in-laws, and all the other relatives who never cared for you heckle you at every step of the process.  The good news is that there are ways to prevent most of your property from going through a long, drawn-out probate… Read More »

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What the Personal Representative of an Estate Can and Cannot Do

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

New York law gives you a lot of control over what happens to your property after you die.  You can leave property to anyone you choose and disinherit any family member you wish to disinherit; the only person who can claim an inheritance regardless of what your will says is your surviving spouse.  Meanwhile,… Read More »

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Estate Planning for June Brides

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

A principle of estate planning states that, whenever there is a new addition to your family, you should update your estate plan.  For example, if you wrote your will before you became a grandparent, you should update it to account for your grandchildren.  Do they inherit directly from you only if their parents predecease… Read More »

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