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Bronx & Westchester Medicaid & Nursing Home Attorney

Cavallo & Cavallo Attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced Bronx & Westchester Medicaid & nursing home attorneys, helping people throughout New York City and all of Westchester County access benefits for nursing home or community Medicaid while protecting their valuable assets with the aid of NYSARC trusts. Nursing home and institutional care is costly, to say the least. A prolonged stay can wipe out a person’s life savings, destroying all that they have worked for and frustrating their plans to leave a legacy to their children or grandchildren. And what about the patient who has run out of money but still needs care? When a person’s income falls below a certain near-poverty level, the person may become eligible for Medicaid, a government medical insurance program that pays for health services, including nursing home care, for low-income people.

Help is Available with Nursing Home and Community Medicaid and NYSARC Trusts

Fortunately, it may not be necessary to spend yourself into poverty before qualifying for Medicaid assistance. With a Medicaid trust, you can transfer your valuable assets into a trust so that they are no longer counted when determining Medicaid eligibility. Depending upon how the trust is created, you can still enjoy the income generated by the asset, whether it is a real property investment, a savings account, CD, mutual fund or other investment, while protecting the asset itself for future beneficiaries. The Bronx elder law attorneys at Cavallo & Cavallo assist clients transitioning to nursing homes by helping them with institutional Medicaid applications. In addition, we also assist in applying for community-based Medicaid services for people who can benefit most from home-based health services, assisted living facilities, and other community-based programs. In either case, we can help you establish a NYSARC trust to qualify for Medicaid and maintain eligibility while protecting your assets for your future and future generations. NYSARC operates throughout New York state and is one of the largest organizations serving people with developmental disabilities. NYSARC offers several different types of trust programs which can save you money when considering a Medicaid trust.

Let Experienced Bronx and Westchester Medicaid Attorneys Protect What’s Important to You

Protect your ability to receive government benefits while guarding your valuable assets and ensuring your capability to provide for yourself and your family throughout your lifetime and beyond. Contact Cavallo & Cavallo Attorneys and let us help you get the care you need while safeguarding your future.

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