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Bronx & Westchester Real Estate Attorney

At Cavallo & Cavallo Attorneys, you will find Bronx & Westchester real estate attorneys with over 32 years of legal experience focused in the area of real estate transactions. We represent buyers, sellers and lenders in the purchase and sale of homes, condominiums and co-operative apartments, as well as residential and commercial leases, and sales and purchases of businesses. With offices in the Bronx and Westchester, our real estate lawyers handle deed transfers throughout New York City and Westchester County. We also provide representation at mortgage closings for purchase and refinance transactions, and lender loans for all major banks.

Real Estate Transactions Represent Significant Investments of Time, Money, and Attention

For most individuals (and businesses too), the purchase or sale of real estate represents the most significant investment they will make in their lifetime. Every piece of property is unique; besides the money, there is a significant investment of time and emotions involved in finding that one location and making sure that it will meet your needs. When a proposed transaction does not go through, it can be financially damaging and emotionally exhausting. Real property holds a sacred spot in our legal system, however, and many laws, rules and practices exist to make sure that property is transferred in the correct and lawful manner, and that clear title is conveyed, giving the purchaser all the rights to the property which were intended n the transfer. A real estate transaction is a complicated matter, and a mistake or dispute at any stage can derail the deal. The Bronx and Westchester Real Estate attorneys at Cavallo & Cavallo pay close attention to detail and diligently represent your interests at every stage of the transaction. We work hard to make sure that your deal goes through successfully and that your rights are protected now and into the future.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation for Your Real Estate Transaction Needs

Cavallo & Cavallo Attorneys have been assisting clients in Real Estate purchases and sales in the Bronx, all New York City and Westchester County  for over 32 years. Contact our office for sound advice and professional representation in your purchase, sale, lease or other real estate transaction.

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