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Monthly Archives: May 2024


Are Multigenerational Households the New American Dream?

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Homeownership is becoming more unaffordable by the day.  Between the high interest rates and the uncertainty about buyers having to pay real estate agents’ commissions instead of sellers taking responsibility for all the commissions, it is no wonder that most Americans who have never owned a house or condominium despair of ever being able… Read More »

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Can Affordable Housing Be Affordable for Landlords, Too?

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

In their worst moments, current landlords and aspiring real estate investors sound like supervillains in a movie where the protagonist’s goal is to stop a run-down New York City tenement building, the only home he has ever known, from being destroyed to make room for a Pilates studio and a dog park.  If you… Read More »

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Understanding the 5 Ds of Real Estate

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Children of the 80s grew up playing a board game called the Game of Life.  There is probably a phone app version of this game available somewhere, but the young generation does not experience the slow progress of your tiny plastic car across the game board, as it inches through suburbia while filling up… Read More »

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Tenant Owned Buildings Are Getting Closer to Becoming Reality in New York City

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

The prohibitively high cost of housing in New York is so well known that it has become proverbial.  The only difference is that now the rest of the country is starting to feel New York’s pain.  It has been the case for as long as anyone can remember that only rich people can afford… Read More »

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