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Five Positive Things To Put In Your Will

Many people put off writing a will for obvious reasons. While it can be unpleasant to contemplate your own demise, having a legal will in place is a crucial part of estate planning, allowing you to designate who you want to inherit, while sparing your survivors the hassle of going through lengthy and potentially expensive probate proceedings. Creating a will is something you may never actually look forward to, but you can approach it in a way that puts a more positive spin on an otherwise grim experience. The following are five things to consider putting in your will that could lift your spirits and make you feel better about the whole process.

Things You May Not Have Considered Putting In Your Will

According to the website Caring.com, having an attorney help you draft your will is money well spent, particularly so when you are dealing with significant amounts of money, property, and assets. At the same time, even a small estate will benefit from experienced legal guidance, without which your will could be disputed or declared invalid, defeating the whole purpose. While our experience estate planning attorney will guide you through the essentials that need to be included in your will, the following are five things to consider on your own, which could make you feel a bit more positive about the process.

  1. Gift Nostalgic Items

Do you have personal, nostalgic items a specific family member or friend would want, such as a wedding dress you wore that a granddaughter or niece admired, or maybe an old baseball collection that your brother always wanted? You can gift these items specifically in your will, along with a handwritten note conveying a funny anecdote or story that will bring a smile to the face of the person receiving it after you have gone.

  1. Forgive Old Debts

In addition to passing on what you have acquired, consider forgiving what you are owed. Maybe you have a friend or younger family member who you lent money, or a neighbor you helped out while they went through hard times. Forgiving that debt not only can prevent squabbles that could arise over unresolved matters, but is also likely to put things in perspective and leave you feeling good about the person you are as well.

  1. Providing For Your Pet

Sometimes, our most loyal friends and companions are among the four-legged variety. Do not forget your pet when you are making your will. Your provisions do not have to be extravagant, but specifying where you want your friend to live after you are gone and providing directions for their care and some money for their support will give you the security of knowing they are not overlooked.

  1. Give To Charities

Have a favorite charity you support? Consider donating money or property through your will. Many worthy causes depend on charitable requests as a part of their fundraising, and your donation will help to ensure their good works continue in the future, while keeping your memory alive and ensuring your survivors know the issues that mattered most to you.

  1. Make Future Provisions

Are newly married children without little ones of their own yet, or young family members just beginning to get an education in their chosen career field? Our estate planning attorney can help you set up trust accounts providing for future events, such as births, marriages, and graduations. Gifts of money or property are always appreciated, as are thoughtful gestures that emphasize the fact that you are still watching over those you love, cheering on their successes and accomplishments.

Reach Out to Us for Help

When you need a will and other important estate documents, contact Cavallo & Cavallo. As your neighborhood law firm, you can trust our experienced New York estate planning attorneys to offer the kind trusted legal guidance you need to, while offering the fast, friendly client service you deserve.

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