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A Second Act Career Is Looking Pretty Good Right Now


Tiny houses in Florida cost a lot less than similarly sized apartments in New York, but are they any match for hurricanes force winds?  Besides, the alligators and iguanas come right up to your window.  Your Social Security check will go farther in Costa Rica than it will in New York, but do you really want to be so far away from everyone and everything you know?  Besides, Costa Rica probably has its share of scary reptiles, too.  New York is home, and you could probably afford to retire at 65, or perhaps even a little earlier, but your retirement income would be modest at best.  You have a better chance of getting into a nursing home as a Medicaid recipient than you do of being able to afford to stay in one of those Baby Boomer enrichment centers in Manhattan.  Living on a fixed income and worrying about keeping body and soul together sounds better than staying at your soul-sucking corporate job until your old bones can no longer get out of bed, but still not all that appealing.  To find a feasible plan for your retirement, contact a Bronx estate planning lawyer.

When Was the Last Time You Heard a Walmart Greeter Complain About His Aches and Pains?

You are not in the tax bracket where the options are to buy a house in Florida and spend the winters there while spending the summers in your Bronx condo or to spend your summers at home in the Bronx and your winters traveling to an assortment of sunny locations.  Maybe what you need is a second act career.  It doesn’t have to be anything glamorous, just something less annoying than your previous 9 to 5.  It may be that no one wants to hire you when you are 45 and need a salary that will support your whole family for decades to come, but a 65-year-old who already owns his house and just wants to spend some time outside of it each day is an attractive job candidate.

Capitalism may be soulless, but work is not.  As every empty nester knows, nothing beats feeling useful.  You may not be saving the world by greeting customers as they enter the store and rounding up the shopping carts several times per day, but you are making yourself and other people less lonely.  Your young coworkers who are bogged down with buy now pay later (BNPL) payments and despairing of every qualifying for a mortgage might not bare their souls to you, but they might show you some entertaining Tik Toks.  You might tell them that the video itself is marginally entertaining, but the song is as awesome as it was when it was new, and that powerful voice belongs to a guy named Freddie Mercury.  Your young coworkers might still be listening when you get to the part about how Freddie Mercury was born on an island called Zanzibar, which sounds like a lovely place, but there’s no place like home.

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An estate planning lawyer can help you plan for a retirement that includes a second act career.  Contact Cavallo & Cavallo in the Bronx, New York to set up a consultation.



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