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Monthly Archives: April 2023


Simple Living In Retirement Is Not Just An Aspiration But A Necessity

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Trying to save for retirement while living paycheck to paycheck is an exercise in frustration.  Unless you were born into wealth, chances are that you are living paycheck to paycheck; a household income of $100,000 is not enough to spare American families this predicament, especially if you are using income that could go to… Read More »

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Talking To Your Parents About Their Estate Plan Is Even More Awkward When You All Live Under The Same Roof

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Making financial plans with someone while also living under the same roof with that person is one of life’s great challenges.  One of the reasons that business partners can get along so easily is because, when the workday ends, they do not get to tell each other how much money to spend on groceries… Read More »

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Most Of Your Retirement Investments, But Not All Of Them, Should Be Boring

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

The goals of everyone’s estate plan are essentially the same, namely to ensure that the retirees making the plan will be able to pay for medical care in their old age, to reduce unnecessary tax liabilities in life and during probate, and to prevent family disputes among family members over end-of-life care and inheritance. … Read More »

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Family Caregiver Training Could Be The Missing Piece In Your Estate Plan

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Whether your plans for retirement involve aging in place, surrounded by your children and grandchildren, or moving to a sunny locale where the proceeds from the sale of your family home can buy you a comfortable existence in a seniors only community and long-term care insurance can pay for your residence in an assisted… Read More »

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