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Home-Based Medicaid Services

Many older Americans today are healthier and more active than ever before. Diet, exercise, and advances in medicine and medical procedures allow more people to maintain an active lifestyle and retain their independence well into their seventies and beyond. At the same time, while the effects of aging may have less of an impact on some of us than in previous generations, that does not mean we still may not require some assistance. Community-based Medicaid services can help you or a loved one remain in your home throughout your golden years, and in some cases these services can help to delay or eliminate the need for nursing home or assisted living facilities.

Types of Services Available

Medicaid is a federal healthcare program that can help assist in paying for a variety of health related services. Administered through the New York Department of Health, Medicaid can help to pay for doctor services, hospital and outpatient care, nursing facilities, as well as home health care needs. For some Medicaid recipients, the need for nursing home care can be delayed or even avoided altogether by coordinating long term care services within their home. The types of services available through Medicaid include the following:

  • Help with meals and maintaining your residence;
  • Assistance with personal care needs, such as help with dressing or bathing;
  • Skilled nursing care for the treatment and maintenance of health conditions;
  • Assistance with transportation needs, such as getting to doctor’s appointments;
  • Physical therapy and medical devices such as wheelchairs or prosthetic devices to increase mobility; and
  • Help with modifying your home to make it more accessible for any health conditions you have.

In addition to the above, Medicaid also helps with paying prescription and nonprescription medicines, lab tests and x-rays, and respite care following an acute illness.

Determining Your Eligibility for Medicaid

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, roughly 60 million Americans receive medical services through federally funded programs. For those without any insurance, Medicaid provides access to potentially life-saving medical treatments. For those with private insurance or a health maintenance plan, Medicaid can help supplement costs so that your hard earned savings are not depleted. The following factors are used to determine Medicaid eligibility:

  • Your gross income;
  • Your eligibility for Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI);
  • Any retirement benefits or savings accounts you possess; and
  • Your age and the existence of any preexisting medical conditions.

While your assets or savings could contribute to you being denied Medicaid benefits, a Medicaid trust may be able to help you shelter those assets. Establishing a Medicaid trust is often the most effective way of protecting your savings from being devoured by home health care costs, while ensuring your money is there when you need it.

Let Us Assist You

To find out more about community based Medicaid services and how to protect your assets through a Medicaid Trust, contact our experienced New York estate planning attorneys today. At Cavallo & Cavallo, our attorneys provide compassionate and effective legal service to handle all of your current and future needs. Serving the Bronx, Westchester, and the surrounding areas, we are happy to help. Call or contact us online today for a free consultation.

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