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Three Important Tasks for College Students


For parents of high school seniors, this has no doubt been a busy year. Making all the plans and preparations needed for your child to attend college is a major undertaking. From selecting a school to working out financing and going through the admissions process, these tasks can easily preoccupy much of your time. Now that the final countdown is on, there are numerous last minute items to put on your to do list. As New York estate planning attorneys, our goal is to help ensure your loved ones and your assets are protected. The following are three important tasks that you may have overlooked.

Protecting Your College Student

Going off to college means a dramatic increase in your child’s independence. For the first time ever, they may not be living under your roof, where you can oversee their care and daily activities.

On campus, your child will generally be treated as an adult. Rather than keeping you involved and in the loop as high school teachers and administrative staff are inclined to do, campus policies generally prohibit providing any type of detailed information about their progress or their activities. The following are three actions you can take before they leave home to keep them safe.

  1. Talk frankly about campus life.

Now is the time to have frank discussions about the use of alcohol and drugs. Students can quickly get in over the heads, ‘partying’ to the point where it impacts their health and their grades. They also need to be alert regarding the potential for campus crime. Encourage them to not wander campus alone at night, to lock all doors and secure windows, and to report any suspicious activity to campus police.

  1. Make sure their property is insured.

Theft is an unfortunately common problem at most universities, with electronics and sports or recreational equipment being among the most popular targets. The Insurance Information Institute (III) advises that while your homeowner’s policy may cover certain losses if your child lives in a dorm, it will not cover those that occur in off campus housing.  Review policy documents and to protect expensive laptops, printers, cameras, and other gear, consider getting additional coverage.

  1. Have the proper legal documents in place.

If your child is a legal adult, schools and health care providers are required to protect their privacy in important matters pertaining to their health. The National Law Review advises that having your child sign a HIPAA authorization form in advance can ensure you are provided information in the event of a medical emergency. In addition, having powers of attorney for them in place will allow you to manage their affairs and make important decisions on their behalf, if the need arises.

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To discuss last minute arrangements that need to be attended to before your child goes off to college, reach out and contact Cavallo & Cavallo today. Request a consultation with our New York estate planning attorneys in our Bronx or Westchester office to ensure your child is protected.




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