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Monthly Archives: April 2021


When Should I Consider A Nursing Home?

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Declines in physical abilities and increases in illnesses and chronic health conditions are common the older you get. Unfortunately, this can impact the ability of older adults to live on their own or in their own homes. Making the decision to seek nursing home care, whether for yourself or a loved one, is never… Read More »

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Patient Safety Awareness Week: Protecting Your Most Important Asset

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Maintaining your health plays a key role in protecting your assets. It ensures you can continue to provide for yourself and your family while preventing medical care costs from depleting your life savings. You trust your doctor to act as your ally in this effort, but you need to be proactive to get the… Read More »

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Ways to Deal with Loved One Who is an Addict or Alcoholic In Estate Planning

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Dealing with a loved one who is an addict or alcoholic is heartbreaking. No matter how much you love them, efforts to get them to stop often prove futile. Sadly, addiction can ruin their health and all chances of finding happiness or success while putting your own wellbeing and financial security at risk. While… Read More »

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