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Monthly Archives: May 2023


The Decision To Sell Your House Or Rent It Out After You Relocate For Retirement Is Not Just About Money

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Some people cannot envision living anywhere except New York City, but the more sensible among us realize that one day we will have had enough of the crowds, the sky-high prices, and the steep escalators in and out of the subway stations.  Owning a house or a condominium in New York City is no… Read More »

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Aging In Place Can Be Prohibitively Expensive In New York City

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

The fact that everything is expensive is old news for New Yorkers.  People from elsewhere sound hopelessly naïve when they are impressed by how much money you make, because your dollar does not go very far in the Big Apple.  A corned beef sandwich at a New York deli, with no sides other than… Read More »

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An Estate Planning Lawyer’s Perspective On Financially Supporting Your Adult Children

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Estate planning lawyers are not here to dictate your values to you.  You are the same person you have always been, with the same goals you have always had.  Your estate planning attorney’s role is to help you achieve those goals.  If your children require your financial support, even if they are beyond their… Read More »

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New York Octogenarian Loses Life’s Savings In Romance Scam

By Cavallo & Cavallo |

Unwise financial decisions are often an early sign of dementia in the elderly, but even healthy seniors are more vulnerable to romance scams than the general population.  When seniors are lonely, their days on earth are numbered, and their families are far away, thousands of dollars seems like a small price to pay for… Read More »

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