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Five Features Home Buyers Are Looking For Now


Despite all the repercussions of COVID-19, the housing market is showing tremendous gains. Reductions in income and the potential for additional stay home orders have not discouraged people from buying a home. In fact, it appears to be making them more eager to invest in real estate and to find a place they can comfortably ride out the next chapter of the pandemic. Now is a good time if you are looking to sell your property and the following list details some of the features today’s buyers are likely to be looking for.

These Features May Sell Your Home Faster

According to a July 9, 2020 CNBC News report, home searches are up across the country. Many appear to be following the lead of the NYC housing market, which has seen an unprecedented boom recently.  An increased number of buyers are snapping up the limited properties that are on the market, which in turn is increasing profits for those who do choose to sell.

Despite the limited amount of homes available, you still want to take steps to ensure yours stands out from the crowd. Making sure your property has the features today’s buyers are looking for is a smart move. The following details five which are most in demand right now:

  1. Plenty of room.

With the prospect of additional lockdowns in the future due to COVID-19, having plenty of space to sprawl out in is a top priority. Even if your square footage is limited, you can give the appearance of more space by reducing excess clutter.

  1. Designated pantries.

With many areas still facing shortages in certain supplies, keeping a decent stock of supplies has become a priority for many people. Designated pantries have always appealed to buyers and are in even more demand now. If you do not have one, consider converting a nearby closet.  

  1. Outdoor living areas.

Many people are hesitant to travel or to even visit local destinations due to the rising number of COVD-19 cases. Having a large, private outdoor area helps satisfy the urge to garden, play games, picnic, or enjoy other activities while still remaining at home.

  1. Storage space.

Storage unit facilities are throughout the city, but it is more appealing to have the space you need on your property. It also helps store outdoor equipment and other supplies you may not be using as frequently during the pandemic.

  1. Formal dining areas.

In an attempt to avoid restaurants, more people are cooking meals at home. According to Kiplinger, formal dining rooms are in high demand as a result. They accommodate all family members and make showing off newly acquired culinary skills more special. 

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