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Protecting Your Home From Burglary and Theft

For many people their home is their biggest asset, and within that home there is likely to be a substantial amount of money tied up in personal belongings. Cars, jewelry, furniture, appliances, and electronics all add up to a lot of money, and in the event of a burglary, there are some things that are priceless when it comes to replacing them. Whether you currently own a home or are in the process of buying a house, protecting your property as well as yourself and your loved ones from theft is important. Knowing the facts about home burglaries as well as what you can do to prevent them can help ensure your home stays secure.

Statistics On Burglary and Theft

According to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), over 10 million households were victims of property theft in 2014. There are two main types of property theft that can affect homeowners: burglary and larceny. The BJS defines burglary as unlawful forced entry or attempted entry into a person’s home or dwelling. Burglary usually involves theft, and entry may be made by breaking a window, picking a lock on a door, or entering the dwelling through any unlocked entryway or access point. Larceny is described as either an attempted or completed theft of personal property and cash that can occur anywhere, including in the home. While the two are similar in some ways, they are different and can be brought as different charges against the same suspect.

In terms of local incidences of burglary and theft, the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services reports that there were a reported 23,317 property theft crimes in Bronx County in 2014, a number which has continued to rise over the past four years.

Ways to Protect Your Home

You can take steps to protect your home from theft by following these tips from Insurance Information Institute (III):

  • Take the time to check your home for weaknesses, and ‘case’ the property to look for easy access points;
  • Trim the trees and shrubs near your doors and window so as not to provide cover for burglars looking to gain access;
  • Use plenty of lighting around doors to deter would be break-ins from criminals who prefer to work in the dark;
  • Make sure to make use of blinds and curtains so that potential robbers cannot see your more valuable belongings; and
  • Consider purchasing a home alarm system, which can alert you to the presence of intruders, as well as notify police or security in the event you are away from home.

According to the III, even small deterrents can go a long way in making your home unappealing to burglars, and most home insurance companies offer discounts for any anti-theft actions devices you use to protect your property.

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