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Thinking of Buying a Tiny Home?

With the end of summer approaching, many families are busy with preparing their children to go back to school. Getting the right kind of education is a vitally important part of your child’s development, and parents today have a variety of options to choose from. If you are planning on making a move in the future or are currently in the market for buying a home, getting a feel for the school districts in the area you are considering moving to is something you want to consider. Whether you currently have children or are planning on having them at some point in the future, you want to be sure the community you choose to live in has the educational opportunities that will be right for your family.

School Options Available for Your Child

In previous years, parents had the options of choosing between public, private, or parochial school for their children, and making sure you bought a home in a community that had a strong school district was of the utmost important. While the district you move to is still a consideration, there are now a variety of choices available to parents in terms of the type and manner of education their child receives. According to the U.S. Department Of Education, in addition to private and parochial schools, today’s parents have the following public school options to choose from:

  • Neighborhood schools, located in your own community, or in the district in which you work;
  • Specialized public schools, which may be outside of your own neighborhood, and base their curriculum on a specific education theory or in a particular area of study, such as science or the arts;
  • Charter schools, which operate outside of many state and federal regulations, allowing parents and administrators the freedom to develop the type of school system that is best suited to their student’s needs;
  • Magnet schools, which attract students from diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds and often focus on a particular field, such as science or technology;
  • Virtual schools, which allow students to take classes online from home.

In addition to the above, homeschool has become an increasingly common option for parents, with numerous resources available online and in the community to provide education guidance and the social interaction students need.

Factors in Choosing A School

According to Great Schools, a leading national nonprofit that provide resources for parents in helping their children get the quality education they deserve, there are four main factors parents are advised to consider when choosing a school:

  • Your child’s basic learning ability and interests;
  • How the school interacts with the child and teaching methods;
  • Your child’s social needs, which includes the potential for friends and school activities and clubs;
  • Practical needs, including extracurricular activities your child will want to be a part of.

While not all of these factors will be of equal importance or relevance to your child, they can help guide you to the type of school that will best suit your child’s various needs and abilities.

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